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Punching Bag Stand 


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Punching Bag Stand 

Written By: Carri Craver 


We want to build a strong and stable hanging system for our 6-foot-tall punching bag in a 
small apartment. This is attempt #2. The 1st one pulled part of the wall off. It must be strong 
enough to withstand hard punches & kicks from a 6ft3in 220lb man. 

The Dimensions Available 

We have a 105in tall by 40in wide wall space in which to build. It has a stud running up the 
right side of it but not the left. We also have 56in out into the room to build into. 

Our Knowledge & Capabilities 

My boyfriend has a background in construction. We have basic building tools. We are willing 
to work hard to make this happen. 

What We Want 

Any suggestions to either improve our 1st system or to create a new system that will be stronger and better. Any 
system that does not destroy our apartment wall is strongly preferred. This system is in our living room (which is not 
ideal). So, I would personally prefer something that is as unobtrusive as possible (not my boyfriend's main concern). 

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Punching Bag Stand 

Step 1 — Punching Bag Stand 

• This is me wanting to hit the bag again. 

• 2nd photos shows what we built. 

• 3rd photo shows how the wood has pulled away from the ceiling and wall. 

Step 2 

• 1st photo shows how our wall is being destroyed as this pulls away from the wall. 

• 2nd photo shows a side view of the top of the system. 

• 3rd photo shows the air vent that is in the way at 56in from the wall. 

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